Before Joining Trump, Omarosa Was On Board the Hillary Clinton Campaign

Omarosa Manigault Newman continues to spill the beans about her time in Washington, D.C. and revealed she used to be a Hillary Clinton supporter until a dust-up happened between Newman and Clinton’s management occurred.

“Hillary, when we were in the White House, she was an interesting person,” Newman says on “Celebrity Big Brother” Sunday, Feb. 18. “She was just a strong woman … she defended her man. … Very engaged and strong and smart … As president? She would have been exceptional.”

Newman said she was part of Clinton’s 2016 “Ready For Hillary” presidential campaign but things went south when Clinton’s team dropped “all of the people who did work” once the “Hillary for America” campaign launched.

“It wasn’t hard when [Trump] called me and said ‘Can you be on board?’ because I had just been used and abused by the ‘Ready for Hillary’ organization,” Newman continues. “I could go down the list of people who were abused and misused by that organization and decided to go a different direction as a result of it.

“I’m looking forward to telling about my life when I decide to do it,” she adds.

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