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Rapper Lil Pump Arrested After Blaming Imaginary Black Men for Burglary, Hires ‘Rich Lawyers’

Rapper Lil Pump blamed three non-existent Black men for a gunshot in his apartment.

The Los Angeles Police Department responded to a 911 call Wednesday, Feb. 14 where Pump claimed three Black men had forced their way into his third-floor apartment. He said the imaginary men fired a single bullet through the door and into the residence, too.

But cops discovered the story was made up when they saw the bullet hole came from the inside, out, rather than the outside in, like the 17-year-old claimed.

“This is one of the hottest calls an officer can respond to,” said Capt. Paul Vernon,
commanding officer of the Topanga Patrol Division in a press release provided to Atlanta Black Star. “Officers responded with lights and siren and the helicopter was overhead quickly, but there were no suspects.”
After obtaining a search warrant, detectives seized marijuana and officers found a .380 Glock handgun in the bushes below the apartment balcony.
Pump was arrested for illegal discharge of a firearm and transported to Sylmar Juvenile Hall, where he was released Thursday, Feb. 15. TMZ photographers caught up with him upon his release, where he told them he was under house arrest.


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