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Sunny Hostin Calls Out Pence for Olympics Protest, Meghan McCain Repeatedly Tries to Deflect and Gets Checked 

Vice President Mike Pence’s silent protest at the opening ceremony at the Winter Olympics in South Korea was a hot topic on “The View” yesterday. “I thought that Mike Pence said that it was inappropriate to make political statements at sporting events,” asked Sunny Hostin in disbelief of Pence’s decision to sit down when North and South Korean athletes walked out.

She continued, “Wasn’t he the guy who walked out of the football game because people were kneeling and not standing?”

Meghan McCain interjected, attempting to defend Pence’s actions by spelling out North Korea’s human rights violations. McCain insisted she too would have sat in protest if she was present. Whoopi kindly called out the hypocrisy saying that the United States has “supported regimes like this” for many, many years. “Like Russia,” added Hostin off camera.

Whoopi noted, “The Olympics are supposed to be the one place where politics is not supposed to play a part, that’s my understanding.” But McCain was unrelenting and continued to point out differences between North Korea and the U.S.

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