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Jamaica’s Original Bobsled Team Recalls Their Unlikely Journey to the Olympics

The first ever Jamaican Bobsled team sat down with Good Morning America on their “Where are they now” Olympics Edition Thursday, Feb. 8. Devin Harris, Michael White and Chris Stokes talked about their unique experience as Jamaica’s legendary bobsled team.

Before becoming Olympic bobsledders, Harris jokingly remembered saying “nobody could ever get me to go on one of those things”. The trio shared the hard it took for them to qualify which included training for months on a makeshift sled. After achieving success in the 2-man event at the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary, Canada, the trio considered entering the 4-man competition so they could “all win a medal.” But they were one man short so they recruited Stokes’ brother Dudley Stokes. It took the men 3 days to teach Dudley Stokes everything he needed to know, mostly as the duo chuckled because they didn’t have much knowledge to share. Their fairytale story was cut short when their sled crashed, disqualifying them from the competition.

All of the men went on to compete in future Olympics. Now they take pride in the role they’ve played in inspiring Jamaica’s new crop of bobsledders.

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