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BLF Politician Says Black People Must Take Back South Africa

Tension has been building immensely between Black South Africans and white farmers in South Africa, but Black Africans are fighting to take back their homeland.

The “Black First Land First” movement fights against white supremacy, racism, and land expropriation without compensation. Studies from the University of the Western Cape show that 67% of white people own land compared to Blacks who only own 15%. These numbers are alarming considering 2018 South African demographics that show Black South Africans make-up 80.2% of the population in contrast to whites who make up 8.4% of the country.

BLF slogans “Land or Death” is directed towards white farmers who have purloined the African Nation. A BLF politician and activist speak passionately about Blacks taking back the country of South Africa.

“Black people have been patient enough. We are of the view that we have to fight in order to attain freedom as the Black majority in this country,” she explains. “And the fight has to be located in taking back the land and expropriate it back into the people.”

She adds that war is “inevitable” because there’s isn’t a value system or society that will put Black people first, therefore confrontation is necessary.

“Nothing is happening in terms of changing our lived experience… We don’t want your hand-overs, we don’t want you to feel pity for us. We are coming for you and we are going to get everything that you own, it’s ours,” she says in an interview with journalist Lauren Southern.

BLF explains that Black people merely want the return of the land and fundamental services like housing, electricity, water and etc. However, the white farmers and the government should take heed to the warning.

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