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Black WWE Star Furious After Finding a Loaded Gun Left In His Rental Car: You Put My Freedom and Life In Jeopardy


A Black WWE star was furious Wednesday when he discovered the car he rented had a handgun in the glove compartment. Shelton Benjamin tweeted his concern Feb. 7, saying the Ruger pistol was loaded and accompanied by a magazine.

“Thank you @Budget (LIT) for your great service of putting my reputation, freedom and quite possibly my life in jeopardy,” he wrote. “I’ve unknowingly been driving your car around the last 4 days with a F’N LOADED GUN in the Glove compartment!!🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬.”

The 6’2 SmackDown star has reason to be concerned. With the fatal police shooting of Philando Castile happening less than two years ago, it’s not far-fetched to think that he could be a victim. Castile was a licensed gun carrier who had been reaching to show proof to the cop who stopped him in Minnesota. He was shot and killed as he did.

And six hours after Benjamin’s tweet, a woman named April from the rental service responded to him.

“Hi Shelton! We are truly sorry to hear about this unfortunate situation,” the tweet said. “We have turned this matter over to local law enforcement for an appropriate investigation. ~April.”

The reply from Budget, who Atlanta Black Star has contacted for comment, was promptly panned by Twitter users.

“You call this customer service? You should be ashamed,” a person posted. “This is serious. This isn’t college snowflake safe space stuff. People have been killed for less. And your shoddy service put this mans life in serious danger.”

“What a laughable response, if this is how you reply to a celebrity I can only imagine how you would reply to a normal customer like me,” someone tweeted.

Shelton didn’t provide any other details about the encounter but indicated Friday, Feb. 9 that he was putting it behind him.

“Ok, Moving on,” he tweeted.

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