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Angela Rye Rips Into Conservative Pundit for Disrespectful Comment Aimed at Maxine Waters

CNN political commentator Angela Rye isn’t tolerating any disrespect aimed at California Congresswoman Maxine Waters.

During an appearance on Anderson Cooper 360° this week, Rye and one-time gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino discussed President Donald Trump’s recent remarks where he called Democrats “treasonous” for refusing to stand and clap during his SOTU address. Rye noted, however, the president’s comments weren’t aimed at all Democrats per se — just members of the Congressional Black Caucus.

“He was talking about a certain segment of the group. “… They happened to be adorned in kente cloth and Reesie Taylor pins that day,” she said, alluding to the CBC, whose members remained seated for most of Trump’s address.

When asked if he thinks all Dems are treasonous, Astorino gave a qualified “no” and called such logic “crazy.”

“It’s just as crazy for [Rep.] Maxine Waters, for her to go on her rants half the time, talking about the president and ‘he needs to be impeached,’ ” he told Anderson Cooper.

Rye wasn’t having any of that and quickly fired back.

“That is my mentor and you will not disrespect her in that way,” she said. “Ever.”

“Every time ‘Twitter thumbs’ picks his account back up and opens it up and says something else, he’s the one that proves the reason why folks are looking into this, that’s not on Congresswoman Waters,” Rye added. “I think it’s also time for us to stop with the false equivalency.”

Watch the rest of their exchange above.

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