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Here’s Why Members of CBC Wore Kente Cloth and Didn’t Applaud Trump During SOTU


During President Trump’s first “State Of The Union Address” to Congress on Tuesday (Jan. 30) evening in Washington D.C., he mentioned low black unemployment at a record low and members of the Congressional Black Caucus were unimpressed. Senator Kamala Harris set the record straight as to why the Congressional members chose not to applaud.

The Caucus leaders wore traditional African kente cloth and black clothing to protest Trump’ “shithole comments” about Africa and Haiti. It should come to no┬ásurprise that the camera showed the Black Caucus not applauding as Trump boasted about the new unemployment rate records.

“Can you help explain that to viewers who might not understand why so few people were applauding that notion, that black unemployment is down so much”, Jack Tapper CNN Correspondent asked Senator Harris.

“Probably because we all know that the way he should have made that statement is that at the end of that statement he should have said, ‘Thank you, President Obama.'”

Harris continued, “The priorities of the previous administration that we saw a five-point drop in unemployment among the black population of the United States, and that trend has continued — but frankly, actually, last year by only one percent.”

Democrats along with others feel Trump is taking credit for the improved economy of the U.S. and they aren’t too fond of it. This is also the first time Trump has addressed the Black Caucus since the offensive remarks he made.

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