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Sherri Shepherd Says Staples ‘Racially Profiled Me’

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Just got cursed out by a cashier @staples at 4641 Santa Monica Blvd in LA. My girlfriend @kimrtavares & I were there to get supplies for a seminar when Kim asked where was their restroom & we were told they were broken and we needed t go to @riteaid – Kim walked over to #RiteAid but their bathroom was in use so she came back to #Staples. Another employee gave us the combination to their #bathroom which worked fine. When questions The manager (Edgar) said the cashier Janice Reyes May have said it bc the bathrooms needed to be cleaned. They were clean and working bc I used it. When I questioned Miss Reyes on why she said that at first she wouldn’t answer and then said “we are told to tell people if they don’t buy they can’t use our bathroom” when I said well we were customers – you should have stated your policy instead of lying, Ms Reyes starts screaming “I am not going to take this shit. I am not going to take this fucking shit!” And she storms off but not before it got heated w Kim. #Staples this treatment by an employee is unacceptable. It was embarrassing – and had I had my son Jeffrey w me it would’ve been a different situation. Your employees are participating in racial profiling. I will take my business to @amazon or @OfficeDepot where customer service is better . Miss Reyes May be going through personal issues but if she is, then she should be doing something else at Staples rather than dealing with customers. And the fact that none of the employees did anything? It should be on their cameras. #unacceptable #pleaseshare #amazon #officedepot #oncamera #blackhistorymonth #injusticia #injustices #kimtavares #saynotoracism

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A visit to Staples for Sherri Shepherd to buy a notebook with a friend turned into a racial profiling incident, according to the comedian. And the retailer has responded saying it’s looking into it immediately.

The incident occurred at a store in Los Angeles when Shepherd’s pal Kim Tavares needed to use the restroom.

“At @Staples w my girlfriend buying a notebook asked 2use bathroom& was told we need to go to #RiteAid bc toilets were broken – they weren’t,” she tweeted before continuing. “I checked bathroom @Staples & it wasn’t broken – asked cashier why she lied & she said their policy is to not let people use who don’t buy. Told @Staples cashier I was buying & she should’ve stated the policy she then starts screaming ‘I am not going to take this SH*T from you.’ Cashier @Staples just starts screaming profanities at my girlfriend & I and walks off the register – I have NEVER been treated w profanity.”

The former co-host of “The View” added that she was “embarrassed” that the cashier cursed at her and Tavares and questioned whether Staples president J. Alexander Douglas was aware of how employees treat their customers.

“What if I had been with my son?” the ‘Trial and Error” actress added.

Along the way, Staples customer service reps responded to Shepherd’s accusations.

“If this is a reflection of how your employees treat customers lying & screaming obscenities at them, I will never shop at UR store,” she replied.

Shepherd, who detailed the encounter further on an Instagram video, vowed to take her business to Office Depot or Amazon.

“[Tavares] asked the manager why would the cashier say [the toilets were broken] and was told, ‘Well, maybe the bathrooms needed to be cleaned,’ she says in the video. “They didn’t need to be cleaned.”

Shepherd added that they were able to get the bathroom code from another employee and it “worked fine.”

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