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Yvette Brown Explains Racist Tweet That Led Her to Unplug From Social Media

While social media can be fun and allow people to connect with family and friends, it can also become a burden to constantly deal with online internet ‘trolls’.

46-year-old actress Yvette Nicole Brown joined the cast of “The View” as a guest host and explained why she decided to take a break from social media.

“I’m taking a break now. It’s only been 24 hours and I’m dying”, she said jokingly.

The “Dream Girls” actress explains that social media sometimes disrupts the connections people have with one another. “We are missing connections with people. I’ve seen people walking in New York like this [she looks downward motioning towards the phone].”

Brown goes into detail about a negative exchange she had on Twitter with a racist man named Hank, who decided to send her a racist comment. “I retweeted him… I also screen grabbed his friends and his family members.” She continued, “His family needs to know that this is a grown white man from Ashtabula, Ohio that will send a woman he doesn’t know nigger in a message.”

Brown noted just because she’s a public figure, doesn’t mean she’s not a “human being”.

“I think I’m taking my step back so that I can recalibrate and when I return I’ll be in a much peaceful space.”


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