Trump Supporters Diamond and Silk Get Dragged For Telling Jay-Z ‘Stop Crying Like a Baby Because Trump Is Your President’


Donald Trump supporters Diamond and Silk are at it again and this time they’re taking on Jay-Z. The rapper told “The Van Jones Show” Saturday, Jan. 27 that it wasn’t okay for Trump to make negative remarks about people as he purportedly kept the economy flowing.

“No, because it’s not about money at the end of the day,” Jay said. “Money doesn’t equate to happiness. It doesn’t. That’s missing the whole point.”

Well, Diamond and Silk disagree. Diamond said Jay should have credited Trump for lowering Black unemployment, which CNN reported has been decreasing since the Barack Obama administration.

“What I don’t understand about Jay-Z is that he raps,” she says. “And in his rap music, he’s calling women derogatory names and made money off of doing that. … See this is what we’re talking about with these liberals that try to use their influence and their power to try to sway people but you wanna sway people to continue to be poor while [influencers] continue to be powerful so that we can be beneath [the influencers]. But it’s not going to work. And what’s wrong with Jay-Z [is] he’s just mad his influence did not influence people to go out and vote for crooked Hillary [Clinton]. What he needs to do is respect this office, respect this president because this president is truly making America great again.”

“And somebody can also tell Jay-Z to stop crying like a little baby and a little trick because Trump is your president,” adds Silk.

Diamond further slammed Jay as “out of touch” and claimed despite what he says in his music — or the fact that he lived there — he didn’t actually know what was going on in the hood.

“I tell you what, if money don’t mean nothin’ give your money away, give your money away to the people that need it,” she says.

Diamond’s impassioned responses did not sit well with most, however.

“They are making a fool out themselves,” one person commented. “So sad, you can’t take everyone off the plantation.”

“It’s funny how Fox did not air the entire Jay-Z comment,” another said. “These two fools are being paid very well by Fox News to slam any Black person that is telling the truth.”

And another pleaded with Fox not to let them back on the air.

“Once again, why is it that Fox News only rolls these two ladies out when they want to attack a Black opinion?” they wrote. “They add NOTHING to the conversation! Please stop airing them. They do not represent [the] Black option. They are not informed!”

And the responses got even more damning.

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