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Diamond and Silk: It’s Time Black People Look At Themselves Before Calling Others Racist

Trump apologists Diamond and Silk are at it again, defending the president amid backlash over controversial comments he made about Black immigrants from “shithole” countries.

During a recent appearance on “Fox and Friends” this week, the women blasted Democratic lawmakers who’ve decided to skip the forthcoming State of the Union address over Trump’s racist comments. Rather than label their “realist” president a racist, the women argued that it’s time for Black people to look in the mirror and acknowledge the “racism” within our own race.

“What I don’t understand about these lawmakers is why are they pushing this narrative?” Diamond said. “You know there’s an old saying, ‘what you think you see in others is what’s in you.’ So maybe they need to get the racism out of their own hearts toward this president so that we can move this country forward.”

Her partner in crime, Silk, co-signed adding, “The same Black people who are talking about racism this, and racism that – Black people are racist toward their own race … Just look at the derogatory names they call [us], like coons and Uncle Tom.”

“… So before you start saying something about the white man being racist check yo’ own self and take a look in the mirror and look at your own Black race being racist toward each other,” she added.

Check out the rest of their rant above.

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