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Tami Roman Revokes Kanye West’s Black Card For “Letting” His Wife Post Racy Photos

Tami Roman of ‘Basketball Wives’ called out Kanye West in her Tuesday’s ‘Bonnet Chronicles’ episode. Roman slams the “Gold Digger” rapper for not preventing his wife from posting racy pictures on Instagram.

Tami voiced her opinion of the photos and revokes Kanye West’s ‘black card.’ She said “there ain’t a black man alive that would let his wife post for the gram like that.” Then she continues and says “Kim… honor the stage of life that you’re in right now, you’re a wife and a mother of three beautiful kids and you’re a businesswoman….own that!”

Roman leaves Kim with some final thoughts which are “When you get the camera and go to the mirror think about what would Beyonce do, and it ain’t that!”

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