Stanky Leg or Gwara Gwara? South Africans Set the Record Straight Over This Rihanna Dance Move

At Sunday night’s Grammys at Madison Square Garden, Rihanna, DJ Khaled and Bryson Tiller performed their 2017 summertime hit, “Wild Thoughts”. The theme on stage was much like the official music video for the song, ethnic and cultured. Khaled and Tiller held their own but the night belonged to the “Loyalty” singer. Rih-Rih let loose and absolutely stole the show with her dance moves. While many praised Rihanna’s moves online and even turned it into a meme, there was some debate over one dance in particular.

Vulture magazine tweeted “Do the Stanky Leg” using the gif of Rihanna breaking it down.

However, not all agreed. Soon after, a verified Twitter account called Love, Light & Music informed the world that Rihanna was, in fact, doing a South African dance called Gwara Gwara invented by DJ Bongz, also from South Africa.

Here’s DJ Bongz, who posted a video of himself doing the Gwara Gwara dance after the Grammys.

For those who may have forgotten, here’s the official video of the “Stanky Leg” by the GS Boyz, released in 2008. So which is it – Stanky Leg, Gwara Gwara or a mixture of the two?

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