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Joy Reid Answers Question: Is Trump Ignorant or Corrupt?

In a discussion with MSNBC host Lawrence O’ Donnell, host of AmJoy Joy Reid was asked whether or not she thought that President Trump was ignorant or just utterly corrupt? Reid mentioned that Trump couldn’t be ignorant if he’s “going beyond the Russian investigation” therefore she deemed him as corrupt.

The discussion circulated around a recent New York Times story that was published reporting Trump calling for special prosecutor Robert Mueller to be fired. The story divulged that Trump was searching for any possible reason to ax Mueller even if it involved a conflict of interest over fees at his golf course. The president’s threat is raising eyebrows and has many questioning his real intentions of ordering Mueller’s termination.

“The more information you get, he’s corrupt,” Reid told O’ Donnell. “You can’t be that ignorant if you’re going beyond the Russia investigation and saying we had disputes over fees at my golf club. He’s looking for any reason to get rid of this guy.”

Reid also added, “You have Donald Trump trying to assemble around himself a protection force.”

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