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Woman Infuriated After Seeing Only Black Hair Products Locked Behind Glass at Walmart

A Black woman expressed her outrage at her local Walmart for locking up the natural/black hair care products. The incident allegedly took place at store located in Lancaster, California.

Angered by the racial profiling she says “Everything pertaining to black hair care products is locked up.” She added, “It makes absolutely no sense. These are African-American hair care products and all of this shit is locked up.”

The California Walmart is not the only location accused of keeping black hair care products locked away. In December 2016 a Virginia based workers union called United Food and Commercial Workers Union created a video calling out Walmart’s discriminatory practice against its African-American shoppers.

The union successfully pushed Walmart to make the products accessible at several locations except for one on Main Street in Suffolk, Virginia. Tiffany Beroid, who was featured in the 2016, video continues the fight to get that last location to discontinue locking up the hair products.

Walmart defended their actions in a statement obtained by 13News Now. The multi-billion dollar corporation took offense to the allegations adding that the measures taken were “normal” in order to combat shoplifters.

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