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Jada Pinkett Smith Rallies Support for Mo’Nique After Comedian’s Push Falls on Deaf Ears

jada pinkett smith mo'nique

Jada Pinkett Smith wants women to rally together to support Mo’Nique’s cause. (Photo by Samir Hussein/Getty Images)

As Mo’Nique continues to make a case for support over her low Netflix special offer, Jada Pinkett Smith has stepped in to defend her.

The comedian has been getting dragged online for calling for a boycott over the dispute, which involved Mo’Nique being offered $500,000 for a comedy special compared to Amy Schumer’s $13 million and Dave Chappelle’s and Chris Rock’s reported $20 million deals.

While Mo’Nique hasn’t been able to garner support for her cause, Pinkett Smith has tweeted urging folks to separate their feelings for the comic’s methods from the issue at hand.

It seems Pinkett Smith’s words have struck a chord with followers, who may not have listened otherwise. Yet there was one person wondering why the “Girl’s Trip” star couldn’t just focus her remarks exclusively on Black women.

“Thank you Jada!!” one person said. “You are the real deal Sis!!!”

And a different user had a lengthier response.

“Exactly! If this was a white female comedian, the #TimesUp #MeToo and every other Twitter hashtag would be supporting her. It be your own people trying to tear you down with their negative 2 cents, only making 2 cents, and don’t want Monique to get her coins. #UsToo.”

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