Chamillionaire Pushes Back Against Critics Who Said He Should Have Helped Black People Instead of Mexican Family

Rapper Chamillionaire posted a video about the backlash he’s been receiving from the Black community for wanting to help Jorge Garcia, an immigrant who was deported back to Mexico after living in the United States for 30 years with no criminal record.

The rap artist sent an email to a journalist in hopes of helping Jorge and his family. “This is not a joke,” the reporter exclaimed. “I actually got an email yesterday from rapper Chamillionaire (of Ridin’ Dirty fame, the song that goes, They see me rollin,’ they hatin’) after he read my story on Jorge Garcia being deported. He wants to help him.”

After the leaked email by reporter Niraj Warikoo went viral, others had a lot say about the rapper for not supporting more Black people. He mentioned remarks that read, “Why would a Black man want to help Mexicans?” and “Black people need to only help Black people.”

Watch his response to critics lashing out at him.

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