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Complex Ushers In Joe Budden’s Replacement and Fans Have a Lot to Say


After Joe Budden’s unceremonious exit from “Everyday Struggle,” Complex has welcomed someone just as divisive — if not even more so — to replace him. Former Hot 97 shock jock Star, who currently hosts his own morning show, is taking over on the vacancy.

“Objective perspective is what I bring to the table,” Star, born Troi Torain, says on the season 2 “Everyday Struggle” Monday, Jan. 22.

But what he did on the episode was call out Budden’s bias and lived up to his nickname, “The Father of Trolling.”

For instance, while debating the hit potential for Drake’s new song, “God’s Plan,” Star accused DJ Akademiks of bias for praising the track because of his own work in the studio with other rappers.

“Clouding your judgment would mean — and even bias — would mean that I’m clearly only for that particular person,” Akademiks said. “The people who I like the most I usually critique the most.”

“That’s a cute way of saying d—ricking in the studio,” Star responded.

This boldness is nothing new and Star has proven he can go even harder. He came under fire in 2001 when Aaliyah died in a plane crash and he played a tape of a woman screaming as a crash goes on in the background, the New York Daily News reported. As a result, Star was suspended indefinitely from the morning show “Star & Buc Wild.”

Many viewers took notice of the new dynamic.

“How many episodes we gonna get through before Star makes Ak cry on “Everyday Struggle?” one person tweeted.

Another said, “Star came at Akademiks for backtracking and being a groupie the whole episode of ‘Everyday Struggle.'”

Yet others felt the show won’t last through season 3.

“Star about to get ‘Everyday Struggle’ canceled by Thursday.”

Still, some thought Star could be the show’s saving grace.

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