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Loni Love Breaks Down Into Tears While Discussing Women Judging Each Other

Loni Love


During the Girl Chat segment on Thursday, Jan. 17 Loni Love was flooded with emotions.

The ladies on ‘The Real’ shared their opinions on women judging each other and Love broke down in tears. She explained that a friend of hers didn’t have much money to afford extravagant attire and was ridiculed for her appearance at a red carpet event.

“We as women, are we doing this to ourselves?”, she asked. We put ourselves in these judgemental roles, where men don’t put themselves in judgemental roles like this.”

Loni Love, Adrienne Bailon

With tears running down her face, Love added how beauty standards set unrealistic expectations for women and maybe ladies should re-evaluate their way of thinking.

“We need to re-adjust how we think about each other and how we judge each other”, she said.

Tamera then added her thoughts, “Maybe if we start loving ourselves as we are, maybe we’ll start loving others as they are.”


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