Love and Tattoos: What Happens to The Ink When the Relationship Goes Sour

It may seem like a compliment to see that your significant other tattooed your name or face on their body, but it may end up not being the best thing down the line. Yet plenty of celebrities have professed their love with ink.

Rapper Offset recently got fiancée Cardi B‘s name tattooed on his neck. Singer Jhené Aiko, fresh off finalizing her divorce, got boyfriend Big Sean’s face permanently placed on her arm.

And while love may be the typical reason given as to why boyfriends and girlfriends or spouses get each other’s names or images on them, Dr. Aaron Turpeau, author of “The Harmonious Way: Find Love and Marriage By Playing Your True Note,” has a couple of other ideas as to why that is.

“Fear is a possibility,” he told Atlanta Black Star. “The person may be afraid that if they don’t they will lose the object of desire. Extreme obsession is another. Making this type of gesture is over the top when it comes to demonstrating our love for someone. Either way, the inking a lover’s name on your body in this day in age is not a wise choice and denies the reality of the temporary nature of romantic relationships today.”

And while he acknowledges that body art “is a definite sign of committed love,” Turpeau said people should also keep in mind that love is fleeting and tattoos don’t automatically evolve with changing feelings.

Plus, for every celeb who is blissfully in love today, things can also go sour. After a brief fling with rapper Future, Blac Chyna changed his name on her arm to the name of her daughter, Dream.

So rather than getting a tattoo, Turpeau suggests boyfriends and girlfriends honor partners with the commitment of marriage.

But that may be easier said than done as he does acknowledge people tend to run from such commitments in this day and age. In such cases, Turpeau offers three pieces of advice for those feeling the pressure to ink their partner’s likeness on their bodies.

“One, don’t do it,” he said. “Two, reevaluate your relationship with someone who would pressure you to do so. Three, see number one.”

And if all else fails and you simply can’t afford to get the tat lasered off? Turpeau says you ought to find a way to make it happen.

“Make it a priority,” he said. “Save up your money and get it removed. Our spending reflects our priorities.”

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