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‘Get Out’ Star Pokes Fun At a Visibly Nervous Colbert After Mentioning White People Say ‘Weird Stuff’

“Get Out” actor Daniel Kaluuya made his late night show debut with Stephen Colbert on Wednesday, Jan. 17. When asked whether the experience of his character was unique to African-Americans or Black people globally, Kaluuya responded that he felt the film’s director Jordan Peele captured a universal truth, “We’re like, white people say some really weird stuff to you.” Colbert responded nervously, while picking his fingers, “What might be something weird I would say to you?” Kaluuya bursts out in laughter while calling out Colbert’s reaction.

The London-born actor goes on to say that white people used to say “I would’ve voted for Obama three times” to show how “down they are” and now they say “I’ve watched Get Out three times”.

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