This White Woman’s Absolute Glee About Trump Saying What ‘We’ Were All Thinking Will Blow You Away

A video surfaced on Facebook of a white woman who can’t seem to contain her joy as she praises President Donald Trump for his alleged comments about “sh*thole countries.” All while having a blackboard above her refrigerator that calls for being humble, smart, grateful and positive.

The unidentified woman finds Trump to be a breath of fresh air because he says things you’d otherwise say “amongst your family, your friends and he just freaking comes right out and says it. I love this man.”

She continues, “he’s right why are they coming here, they are not assimilating into our country. Why are they coming here stay in your little sh*thole country…he’s saying what we all think, what we all say.”

There was no shortage of supporters but there were others brave enough to speak out against her blatant racism.

Liliane Lykes wrote: “You are not speaking for all Americans. Go f–k yourself, you racist pig.”

Cooky Ronnell Taylor added: “Shut the hell u stupid bitch, what country did you come from, what did your stupid parents bring to this country, what did you bring to this country, u and trump can go back to the shithole your parents pop out of, and everyone don’t think those things, just people like you. Dumb bitch.”

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