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As People Zero In On Mother of Boy In H&M Hoodie, There’s More To The Story

When a woman claiming to be the mother of a young H&M model defended the brand’s controversial hoodie, the public swiftly began blaming her. But one of her associates says they’re missing some pertinent information.

The Swedish retailer ran an ad with a Black boy in a hoodie that said, “Coolest Monkey In the Jungle.” In Terry Mango’s Facebook comments that circulated online Wednesday, Jan. 9, Mango said it was an “unnecessary issue.”

“[I] am the mum and this is one of [the] hundreds of outfits my son has modeled,” the alleged mom wrote in a Facebook comment earlier this week. “Stop crying wolf all the time.”

Yet many deemed the H&M display racist and the company has since removed the item from sale, apologized and launched an investigation.

In a Wednesday, Jan. 10 exchange, Sweden-based makeup artist Lovette Jallow stated Mango is a “personal acquaintance” of hers and backed up the purported mom’s earlier statement that she was present during the photo shoot.

“She was there and wasn’t shown every single hoodie he wore in this campaign,” Jallow said. “We also don’t know if the print was photoshopped afterward.

“She will release her statement later today, so let’s wait and see, please, before going in on her character. This was not motivated by money or greed,” Jallow added.

h&m hoodie

Then, Jallow further explained that the initial comments downplaying the racism in the ad “do not represent her views.”

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“It was panic mode in an attempt to protect her child against hatred,” she continued before noting Mango is “a great mom and a good person. H&M is to blame firstly and fully.”

In further defense of her colleague, Jallow also blamed the media for turning attention away from what she sees as H&M using Mango’s initial remarks as damage control.h&m hoodie

In addition, Jallow claims the supposed mother is “taking action” over the controversy. The makeup artist added Mango is not seeking money, but simply an apology to her family for all the “stress caused by H&M’s incompetent staff.”

h&m hoodie

Atlanta Black Star has reached out to Jallow and Mango for more information on this story.

Jallow responded confirming she is in contact with Mango.

“Unfortunately I cannot speak on behalf of Terry and advice [sic] you direct any questions to her and the family as to her statements,” she said. “I have spoken on the matter but due to confidentiality I cannot speak more on behind the scenes.”

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