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Former America’s Next Top Model Yaya DaCosta Is Still Fierce

Yaya DaCosta is on fire! The 35-year-old has continued to make a name for herself since appearing on Cycle 3 of America’s Next Top Model. She’s modeled for Essence, Vibe, Seven, Interview, Jewel, and recently landed a leading role as nurse April Sexton on NBC’s Chicago Med. Although she is a striking beauty, there is more to DaCosta besides her appearance.

Yaya DaCosta

Making her way to the big and small screen, the Brown University Alum played the iconic Whitney Houston in the Lifetime movie Whitney. Portraying a legend was a huge role for DaCosta to take on, but she has other dream roles she’d like to pursue. “I believe in the power of saying things out loud, and I tend to not do that until I know it’s time. I’m pretty agile, and I like martial arts, so it’d be fun to do a Marvel or Kill Bill-type movie, and explore that physical aspect of acting. And I definitely want to do more comedy”, she said in a recent interview with Michigan Avenue Magazine.

Raised by two activists, being strong-willed is practically embedded in her DNA. It’s not surprising to see that she speaks out on social issues. “I was raised to speak out,’ DaCosta added in the interview. “I was that kid on the street signing people up for Greenpeace during summers from high school because I wanted to save the whales. And actually, to the contrary, I feel like I’ve been silent a lot more than has felt comfortable. My activism is being reawakened, but I’m still figuring out what makes sense for me to be vocal about.”

YaYa DaCosta

She also explained that she would like to do more behind the scenes work despite her love of being in front of the camera. “Creating more content and being more on the producing, decision-making side. I do love acting, but I am a very creative mind and it comes out in a lot of little ways. So I’m excited about being ready to share that side of me, sharing my writing”, she adds.

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