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Have You Heard: Top 5 Stories You Missed While You Were Sleeping

Amanda Davis, Barack Obama, Mike Epps

AP Photo/Thibault Camus, File

  1. Amanda Davis CBS46 Anchor Passes Away: According to CBS 46, Davis died from a massive stroke. She was at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport when she was rushed to the hospital and underwent treatment.
  2. Republican Roy Moore filed a lawsuit to try to stop Alabama from certifying Democrat Doug Jones as the winner of the U.S. Senate race.
  3. Mike Epps Has Been Accused Of Stealing a Tv Show: 3 producers hired an attorney and demanded a cease and desist letter, claiming Epps’ “Social Awards” show that honors outstanding work among social influencers, was a stolen idea. The producers are claiming to have pitched a similar show called “Social Media Awards” to Epp’s cousin in hopes of getting Epps on board but were blindsided a few weeks ago when BET announced the show.
  4. Barack Obama Is Still The Most Admired Man: According to the annual Gallup poll, Americans are most likely to name former President Obama as the man they admire most. Donald Trump came in second to Obama.
  5. Update: Erica Garner, daughter of Eric Garner who was killed by the NYPD, suffered major brain damage from lack of oxygen while in cardiac arrest.

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