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NBA Star Chris Bosh’s Estranged Mother Is Out On Bond After Being Arrested In Drug Ring

The mother of NBA free agent Chris Bosh has been arrested for allegedly exploiting a disabled man. The New York Post reported the news Thursday, Dec. 21, and said police had raided the home Frieda Bosh’s famous son built with her on Friday, Dec. 8. Officers had suspected marijuana and narcotics were being sold from the dwelling through a drug ring.

Through interviews, cops learned she and her tenant, Johnathan Brown, were taking advantage of a disabled man by only allowing him to live there if he gives them a considerable sum of his disability check so Brown can make rent. Police added the man was also forced to sell cocaine and heroin from the home.

Both Bosh and Brown were arrested and charged Tuesday, Dec. 19 with exploitation of a disabled person.

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Frieda Bosh has since posted bond. She denied she had anything to do with the drug ring and proclaimed her baller son has been trying to have her evicted, according to TMZ.

“This is a home that my son and I built together like 12 years ago and he’s evicting me from my home as we speak,” she said Monday, Dec. 11. “Because he’s evicting me in the last three months, I’ve taken tenants.”

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