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Miami Heat’s Chris Bosh Robbed of Thousands on His Birthday

Chris Bosh’s home was burglarized on the NBA star’s birthday while several other family members were still inside the home.

Bosh has discovered one of the downsides of having a rather large home.

Chris and his wife stepped out to go celebration the Miami Heat player’s birthday while two baby sitters remained in the house with their children and another teenager.

We’re assuming that the home was large enough that the noise caused from all the ransacking didn’t reach wherever the babysitters and the children were.

Of course, there are other theories.

Details of the robbery provided by TMZ have some people suspecting this was an inside job.

“Cops say there was no sign of forced entry … but it does appear that two doors in the home were unlocked,” TMZ reported.

The stolen goods amount up to about $659,000 plus an additional $20,000 in stolen cash.

Bosh told the police that the bold robbers snagged more than 10 watches, two rings, and several purses.

Surprisingly, the one ring they decided not to take was his 2012 NBA championship ring.

Honestly, the decision to leave the ring behind is a sign that the criminals are actually somewhat intelligent.

The very second the crooks tried to sell his championship ring, police probably would have been alerted immediately since there is no way to explain why a person would be in possession of the championship ring.

Luckily, Bosh did have surveillance cameras installed and police are already looking into the tapes and footage from other homes in the neighborhood.


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