Monica Brown Clears the Air About Husband Shannon Brown Allegedly Fathering a Child Out of Wedlock


Singer Monica was forced to go public about some personal family drama yesterday after a woman told a gossip site she shared a 2-year-old daughter with the star’s husband Shannon Brown. The ex-NBA player was at the center of a false story where he cheated on Monica with Tammy, his accuser.

The Industry on Blast reported Tammy provided them with proof that the affair was real after reaching out to the blog via email and Twitter. The faux evidence included a positive pregnancy test sent to Monica’s brother, stolen baby photos and a nude photo from actress DomiNque Perry.

Monica shared a message from IOB on Instagram July 20, where they apologized to the R&B star, her husband, Perry and the mother of the child whose photos were stolen, known at Piggy online. The story has now been redacted.

“I truly appreciate the apology,” Monica responded in part. “I’m grateful someone cares enough. This has gone on for years I will leave the rest to the Federal Bureau [of Investiagation].”

The singer details years of damaging family rumors that she had not previously spoken of in a follow-up post. One involved the Georgia native’s grandmother.

“Our aging grandmother was called and told my brother n law was in a wreck & near death, my families lines stalked, & so on,” Monica wrote adding that she kept the false stories to herself because “as entertainers, we are fair game to a cruel world and new age media.”

The mother of three also extended an apology to the parents of the young girl whose photos were stolen.

“My love for children runs DEEP & I feel they’re off limits, but this sick world clearly doesn’t feel the same,” Monica said.

Piggy accepted the apology and revealed the situation had been going on for months.

“I hope they find this sick person,” she wrote.

Monica and her former Miami Heat baller spouse had previously fended off rumors of a divorce. Most recently, the singer posted a happy anniversary message to her husband on Instagram. It included the hashtag, #WorkThatsWorthIt.

In April, IOB reported the retired athlete hooked up with a mistress in a hotel after they exchanged messages on social media. The gossip site has since removed the screenshots from their Instagram page.

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