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Watch Omarosa Get Removed from White House Premises In Hilarious SNL Skit

Anyone who has paid attention to the Donald Trump administration recognizes that there have been lots of exits in the almost one year since he took office. “Saturday Night Live” took on that revolving door Saturday, Dec. 16 and Omarosa Maginult Newman’s impending departure was center stage.

The skit saw Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump alongside Melania Trump, portrayed by Cecily Strong, to honor former Trump staffers.

“We’re gonna also remember all the haters and losers I destroyed this year and we’re going to hang ornaments with their faces on it we’re calling the tree of shame,” SNL’s Trump says.

Kate McKinnon’s Kellyanne Conway appeared to hang an ornament for former FBI Director James Comey. Then, Aidy Bryant appeared as Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who hung an ornament for the man she replaced, Sean Spicer, and another one for ex-Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci. She was followed by Beck Bennett’s Vice President Mike Pence, who hung an ornament for former National Security Advisor Mike Flyn.

But the most hilarious moment came when Omarosa, played by Leslie Jones, wanted to be let in the White House. While the real-life director of communications claimed she resigned, reports said she was fired and officials escorted her off the premises.

“Hey! Let me in!” Jones shouts.

“Quick! Someone turn off the lights!” Baldwin says.

“Too late!” Jones responds. “I see you in there, Donald! No one kicks Omarosa from the White House!”

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But security quickly shows up to have her removed, only for her to show up at the end with a boombox overhead blaring “The Apprentice theme song.

“Take me back!” she begs.

Online, folks found the sketch to be a riot.

Others applauded Leslie Jones’ portrayal.

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