New Job: Omarosa Plans to Use Black History Month To Nab $500K Worth Of Speaking Gigs

omarosa black history month

Omarosa Manigault-Newman’s last day in the White House was Jan. 20. (Photo by Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic)

Omarosa Manigault-Newman is ‘miss movin’ on’ when it comes to leaving the White House. The former director of communications for the Office of Public Liaison will go on a speaking tour for up to $50,000 per gig. The estimated total for the excursion? A whopping $500,000.

That’s because CEO of the American Program Bureau, where she landed the job, hopes to secure a minimum of 10 appearances over the next 3 months, according to a Monday, Jan. 22 report from TMZ. And he’s banking on Black History Month to be a serious earner.

“Since it’s Black History Month and Women’s History Month [in February and March], I’m sure Omarosa will be in high demand, as she has always been,” said Robert P. Walker who also founded the global speaker and entertainment agency.

It was the notion of Black History Month being a way for Omarosa to pull gigs that swiftly captured Twitter users’ attention.

“Hmmm. She will be in ‘high demand’ because of Black History Month? WTF?” one woman tweeted. “Ohhh for like the RNC or something?”

Then, one guy summed it up this way: “LMAOOOO NICE TRY PAL SHE A COONLADY.”

Manigault-Newman made things official Monday morning and her payout will depend on the venue. The new gig follows her December firing — or resignation, depending on who you ask — from the Donald Trump administration. Her last day was Friday, Jan. 20.




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