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Omarosa Responds to Robin Robert’s ‘Bye Felicia’ Remarks, Wendy Williams & Sunny Hostin Chime In Too


Omarosa Manigault Newman is leaving the White House and everyone has something to say about it. The official stance is that she’s leaving to pursue other opportunities, but reports have said she was forced out. After the news broke Wednesday, Whoopi Goldberg, Wendy Williams and Robin Roberts were among the folks who have wished her a good riddance of sorts.

Williams remarked about Newman’s employment status on her talk show Thursday, Dec. 14, taking a dig at Omarosa’s impending unemployment.

“So, if you’ve been watching the Wendy show long enough, you know my first encounter with Omarosa was in our first season where she tried to play me,” she says, referencing Omarosa’s contentiously shady 2008 interview. “But we’re still here and she doesn’t have a job.”

Williams acknowledged the pair made up and said she doesn’t believe Newman quit but she was actually fired. The host also doesn’t believe Newman was escorted off the premises.

“I think that because of the role she plays as the villain, it’s easy to say, ‘She was escorted out, angry Black woman, she was throwing shoes, she was doing this, she was doing that,'” Williams says.

And while Wendy said she wasn’t delighting in the news, she hummed a childhood taunt at the end of the segment to the tune of “na na na boo boo.”

By Friday, Dec. 15, “The View” co-panelists Whoopi Goldberg and Sunny Hostin chimed in with their thoughts.

“She’s really a pariah in the African-American community,” Hostin says. “I think she’s a pariah because she’s always been the villain and her job as the director of outreach in the American-American community was almost a slap in the face to the African-American community.”

Then, Goldberg gave her thoughts with a heavy dose of shade.

“You mentioned that we would all be bowing down,” she says to Newman. “I don’t know if we have that clip but you can look it up. She did say it. And so, you know, I hope you find something to do, O. I do, I do. And I hope that you find your people because maybe they’re looking for you. She’s just been so nasty to so many women and so many women of color, so many women of color, and I just, you know — never mind.”

A day earlier, “Good Morning America” anchor Robin Roberts responded to Newman’s interview Thursday, where she vowed to tell her story later on.

“She said she has a story to tell, and I’m sure she’ll be selling that story,” Roberts said after the segment. “So yeah, she will. Bye Felicia.”

Newman, who is leaving the White House on Jan. 20, has only responded to Robert’s quip. She told “Inside Edition” the Felicia remark was “petty.”

“It’s a Black woman civil war,” she added.

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Online, reactions to the responses to Newman’s firing has been plentiful.

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