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Black Santa Or White Santa? Debate Emerges Over Which Race of the Mythical Character Kids Should Visit

As Christmas approaches, the co-hosts of “The Real” broached the topic of Santa Clause. The discussion wasn’t centered on the belief in the mythical character, but rather his race and if children should visit one who shares the same ethnicity.

“Racism, I personally think, is taught,” Tamara Mowry-Housley says of how children may view a non-white Santa. “The perspective of racism connected to color, kids don’t really understand that concept at — for me — at the age that they believe in Santa.”

As for whether or not Black children should only sit in the lap of a Black Santa, co-host Loni Love fiercely disagreed.

“It’s plenty of other Santas everywhere, so if you want to take your child to see that one, go to that one,” she says. “You’re a parent, you feel the way you wanna feel. You do what you want to do.”

Fellow co-host Jeanie Mai later suggested that malls host Santas from all nationalities, including Asian countries.

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In response, several viewers sided with the panel.

But most dismissed the discussion altogether since Santa isn’t real.

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