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Rick Ross Thinks Hollywood Scandal Boils Down to Respect for Women

Rick Ross

Rick Ross had a sexual assault case against him dropped in 2015. (Romain Maurice/Getty Images for Haute Living)

Rick Ross thinks hip hop will firmly be left out of the sexual assault scandal taking over Hollywood. The rapper, who was caught in a sexual assault case himself in 2015, pointed to an issue about respect for women as the culprit.

“I’m gonna be honest. I don’t believe that,” he told at ComplexCon Nov. 4-5. “I don’t believe there are going to be allegations coming. I can’t really speak for nobody … As a man, watching what’s going on … I haven’t got all the details but you know one of these guys, I don’t know his name. There’s supposed to be a couple of them. You know the one who invited a chick over [Miramax founder Harvey Weinstein]. Well … rule number one is we got to respect our women. And the way they’re moving [in film], that’s not even our style.”

He explained that women should be respected as professionals no matter what the setting — whether on a film set or in the recording studio.

Still, Ross ignited controversy over something many may consider disrespectful toward women. During a July appearance on The Breakfast Club, Ross said he’s never signed a woman rapper to his Maybach Music Group label “because I always thought I would end up f— the female rapper and f— the business up.”

The Men Rick Ross Was (Or May Have Been) Referring To

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When asked about those remarks and the possibility of a sexual assault case being levied against him in the future, Rozay, who ultimately apologized for his remark, seemed to get defensive.

“That ain’t why I’m answering your question,” he said. “I’m answering your question talking about the people that have those situations. I move differently, I’m not about to do all that movie s—.”

But while Ross believes hip hop is an outlier, that doesn’t mean other parts of the music industry haven’t been touched. Pop singer Kesha is still embroiled in a defamation suit against her former producer Dr. Luke for calling him a rapist, according to Page Six. And singer R. Kelly steadily continues to see more women speak out against his alleged sexual abuse. Most recently, his ex-girlfriend Kitti Jones shared her experience, which involved her allegedly being starved and feeling suicidal.

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