Lawsuit Drafted Against Mariah Carey Alleging Sexual Assualt

Carey's former security guard claims Carey performed "sexual acts with the intent that they be viewed by him"

mariah carey
It seems like Mariah Carey has been having a rough week. (JACK GUEZ/AFP/Getty Images)

Mariah Carey has a lawsuit drafted against her and one of the allegations is sexual harassment. The owner of her former security company, Michael Anello, also claims he was embarrassed by the Las Vegas performer referring to him as a member of hate groups. Plus, he alleges she owes his company backpay.

Regarding the alleged sexual assault, Anello claims Carey performed “sexual acts with the intent that they be viewed by Anello,” according to TMZ. During a trip to Cabo San Lucas, Anello said Carey called him to her room to move some luggage. When he arrived, the “I Don’t” singer wore an open, transparent negligee. When he tried leaving, he claims Carey insisted he move the luggage. Instead, he left the room and avoided physical contact.

The suit draft also claims Carey referred to Anello as a Ku Klux Klan member, a Nazi, white supremacist and a skinhead. It also alleges that she “wanted to be surrounded [by] Black guys, not white people.”

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Add that to the claim that Carey owes the company $221,329.51 for their work from June 2015 to May 2017 and the supposed promise that Anello would work for Carey for another two years. That brings Carey’s owed balance to $732,329.51.

Carey’s people have been in touch with Anello’s lawyer. They seem to be working out a deal to pay specific invoices, however, sources told TMZ Anello isn’t happy with the sum. Still, his lawyer says the suit is currently on hold.

This is the latest disruption within Carey’s team as of late. Last week, the star’s former manager, Stella Bulochnikov, announced to PageSix the pair decided to “part ways on day-to-day management.” Bulochnikov oversaw Carey’s docu-series, “Mariah’s World,” and her dismal New Year’s Eve performance.

On the plus side, however, Carey is being recognized by the Songwriters Hall Of Fame. She scored a nomination to be inducted alongside the likes of N.W.A.

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