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After Yet Another Shooting, Vic Mensa Has Had It



Days after the Lil Boosie concert shooting, rapper Vic Mensa is calling for stricter gun control after another gunman opened fire at a Texas church Sunday. The Chicago native is over the thoughts and prayers Republicans have been sending to the families of the 26 victims in The Lone Star State and he says Americans have a choice to make.

“Americans need to stop being stupid as f— about gun control,” he says to TMZ Monday, Nov. 6. “You’re not gonna fight off a tyrannical government with an AR-15 or an M-16 so give it up. It’s not a constitutional right. … Get the f—ing AR-16 off the street or sacrifice your family and friends to mass murder. That’s the only way it can go.”

Mensa added that while Republican congressmen say they’re sending thoughts and prayers to shooting victims, they’re voting against policies opposing total gun ownership.

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“The same people sending their empty thoughts and prayers are taking money from the NRA and are basically profiting form these murders,” the MC adds. “So f— your thoughts and prayers because it’s all bulls—.”

Mensa’s remarks come after drone footage surfaced from the Boosie concert Saturday, Nov. 4 in Gardena, Calif. Obtained by TMZ, the clip shows an aerial view of one of the two people injured by gunfire being shot. It was the second shooting this year at a Boosie venue and among numerous other shootings that have occurred nationwide. Two people were killed by a gunman at Grambling State University in October and earlier that month, a man fired an assault rifle that killed dozens and injured hundreds at a Las Vegas music festival.

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