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Comedians, Celebs Have a Field Day with Tyrese’s Custody Woes But He Has a Heart to Heart with Michael Blackson

Tyrese investigation

Tyrese Gibson flew a banner declaring his love for his daughter despite his restraining order. (Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

Tyrese Gibson can take it a little easier since the investigation into the child abuse allegations has reportedly closed. The singer’s ex-wife, Norma Mitchell Gibson, alleged he hit their daughter and got a restraining order against him. Not being able to see his child has led the star to tearfully plea to do so on social media and rappers and comics have clowned him for it.

The Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services will not be seeking any criminal charges against Gibson, sources told The Blast Thursday, Nov. 2. The former couple has been in court establishing custody arrangements for 10-year-old Shayla. Things seemed to come to a head this week when Tyrese begged to see her.

“This is all I got. Don’t take my baby, okay?” the actor tearfully said in a video obtained by TMZ Wednesday.

While his fans weren’t exactly sympathetic toward him, he also didn’t get much compassion from rappers 50 Cent, Daz Dillinger of Tha Dogg Pound and Snoop Dogg. And comedians Michael Blackson and Lil Duval weren’t much different.

50 Cent got in his feelings about Tyrese coming to his “Baby Boy” co-star Taraji P. Henson’s defense after the actress’s “Empire” creator Lee Daniels mocked the marketing of 50’s Starz show “Power.”


“Get it together, n—-,” Dillinger says as he mockingly cries before bursting into laughter. “Get it together. Get it together, Tyrese.”

Snoop simply let his tears do the talking. While Lil Duval passed along a message from God that Gibson is “lame as hell.”

And Blackson decided Gibson needed to be booted out of the “dark-skinned club” in exchange for Drake and Steph Curry.

Tyrese’s Custody Battle

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“Ok, Tyrese, after watching your video about 10 times, me and a few other dark-skinned n—– have decided to trade you,” he says. “You did some really red bulls— yesterday.”

#Tyrese is my neega but with all due respect I have no respect, the neega did some light skin shit yesterday.

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Gibson had a surprisingly pleasant response, which was aimed specifically toward Blackson.

“Michael, to be honest, [yo], man I needed this, it was funny and when you’re fighting for your baby, all you wanna do is laugh,” he said.


In response, Blackson leveled with Gibson and explained he’s going through a similar situation.

“This family court system is not made for us men, but don’t give up fighting and one day, when your daughter is old enough, her mom will have a lot of explaining to do,” he said before jokingly saying he’ll see about adding Gibson back to “the dark side.”

tyrese investigation

Despite all the jokes, one person who has the singer’s back, however, is his pregnant wife Samantha Lee. She requested prayers for her family rather than “cruel jokes” against it.

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