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Questlove Had to Remind #WomenBoycottTwitter Supporters That Jemele Hill is ‘Catching Hell’ Too

A group of celebrity ladies are rallying under the hashtag #WomenBoycottTwitter to amplify women’s concerns. But while The Roots instrumentalist Questlove was among those supporting the movement with Kerry Washington and Gabrielle Union, he also wanted users to remember Jemele Hill.

The “SC6” host has been suspended by ESPN for two weeks after she tweeted that NFL fans can make a difference by boycotting advertisers. It’s a different case than what led #WomenBoycottTwitter to take place (actress Rose McGowan was suspended for 12 hours for violating Twitter’s Terms of Service after amplifying her accusations against Harvey Weinstein). However, Hill’s Twitter use cost her job — at least temporarily.

Several vowed not to leave Hill’s plight behind.

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A few small debates also emerged over the way McGowan garnered widespread support, but not Hill.

Others felt it was a lost cause.

Still, Questlove isn’t the only person who wants to put a bullhorn to non-white women’s causes. Ava DuVernay did so in her own way.

Along with Rewire senior legal analyst Imani Gandy.

And many other women felt unsure about supporting #WomenBoycottTwitter at all.

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