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Shannon Sharpe Knows Exactly Why Trump Is Fixated on the NFL

Shannon Sharpe has an idea about why President Donald Trump has been eagerly discussing the NFL. The president has been tweeting constantly about players protesting and he continues to claim athletes are “disrespecting” the national anthem and the flag. According to Sharpe, Trump just wants to distract Americans from the overhauled health care plan that failed to get passed for the third time.

“All President Trump is doing is trying to distract you from the real issues,” Sharpe says on FS1’s “Undisputed” Thursday, Sept. 28. “Since he’s been in office — eight months since he’s been in office, Skip — it’s been very unsuccessful for him. He’s trying to distract you on three different occasions. … The Republican party has been trying to undo Obamacare. They’ve had three cracks at it and each time, they’ve been unsuccessful. So let’s talk about the NFL.”

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Sharpe added the league has “bigger issues” to focus on besides protesting players — like CTE, a neurodegenerative disease found in the brains of those with multiple head injuries, and 2014’s domestic violence scandal. The latter did not negatively affect ratings, according to Sports Illustrated.

“All he’s trying to do is distract you from the issues,” Sharpe says.

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