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Cardi B Goes On the Record About What Really Went Down Between Her and NYPD

Cardi B breaks her silence for the first time since she claimed New York cops put her in a chokehold last week. The rapper, who recently hit no. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, tweeted about the incident Tuesday, Sept. 19 and swiftly deleted the message. While celebrating her single “Bodak Yellow” making it to the top of the charts, the “Love and Hip Hop” star spilled the beans.

Cardi began by explaining that things were hectic in New York City that day because of Donald Trump visiting the United Nations.

“My cousin, he’s arguing with somebody in a van,” the MC said at 99Jamz’s Uncensored starring Cardi B Monday, Sept. 25. “So, the n—- got real close to my car and he hit my mirrors. Now, that’s my m—–f—— car and I bust my ass … to buy the car … so, I’m tight. So I got out the car, I went up to the m—–f—– and I’m like, ‘My n—- I will f— you up!’ And he’s like, ‘B—-, I will f— you up!'”

The reality star, admitting she “wasn’t no angel,” said she began hitting the other driver’s window and grabbed a water bottle. She added that the driver got out of his vehicle, as did her cousin, and the two geared up to fight.

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“You know that’s my cousin,” Cardi says. So I took off my shoe … and I threw it at the n—- and the n—- threw it at me back! But the n—- was just ignoring me, so now he’s gonna square up with my cousin .. and outta nowhere, a m—–f—– put me in a chokehold … with my hand behind my back like a chicken wing. And I couldn’t breathe, and I couldn’t believe it.”

Sources alleged to TMZ last week that another driver hit Cardi B’s Bentley and that led to the altercation. Once police showed up, sources said an officer pinned the rapper against her vehicle. Things deescalated and the policeman let the performer go. She left the scene without police issuing citations or making a report.

“The police have been calling me, NYPD has been calling me,” Cardi B says. “They want me to talk about it. They went to my family’s house and I don’t really wanna make a statement because I ain’t never talked to no 12 and even if I did talk, are they gonna do anything about it? So why would I waste my time?”

Cardi added that cops told her mother that they’d release a statement if she didn’t make one.

A spokesperson for the New York Police Department said there was “no record or any other information to support the validity” of her accusation.

“It’s like, how [are] you gonna find evidence when you don’t know where it happened … and you haven’t even spoken to nobody. … It’s just like you guys be lying and this is why I don’t talk to you guys. And you guys be lying and I don’t f— with y’all.”

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