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Gary Owen Shares His Take on Kevin Hart’s Cheating Scandal But Not Everyone’s Laughing

As Kevin Hart continues to deal with the fallout concerning the failed extortion from his cheating scandal, his pal Gary Owen is giving his two cents on the matter. A video surfaced of a man, purportedly Hart, getting cozy with a woman other than his pregnant wife, Eniko Parrish. Although Hart issued a public apology to his family ahead of the leak, Owen doesn’t think Hart will be down for long.

When “The Breakfast Club” co-host Angela Yee asked Owen Thursday, Sept. 21 if Hart will be able to find the comedy in the situation, he answered affirmatively.

“I mean, yeah,” Owen says. “He will eventually. I mean, it’s unfortunate but. I don’t know. My thing is, ‘God, they really went out of their way to set him up.”

The extortionist, who has yet to be identified, propped a phone up to catch a man believed to be Hart having sex with a woman. The video used the reflection from the mirror to film the act.

“You can’t always jump to conclusions,” Owen says. “It could have been a stand-in. … I feel bad for Kevin. He’s a good dude, all the good he’s done in the world.”

The extortionist also claimed Hart campaigned to raise money for Hurricane Harvey relief as a distraction from the tape ahead of it leaking. Owen took issue with that.

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“That’s not why he did it,” he says. “But I think, honestly, he’s probably relieved because I’m sure this has been weighing on him for months and we don’t know about it. … I’m sure his wife has known for a couple weeks now so they’ve already — they’re working through it. You know, that’s the sad part is that she’s pregnant with the baby — that’s extra stress. That’s a lot on her.”

“She’s not going anywhere,” Owen asserts, doubting Parrish will leave the comic who Forbes reported brought in $87.5 million last year.

It seems he could be right if People magazine’s source is accurate.

“She is adamant about working through it,” the insider said. “She won’t give up on their marriage.”

While Owen and “The Breakfast Club” hosts were in support of Hart’s good nature, however, one Twitter user summed up her thoughts this way.


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