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Folks Go In On Christopher ‘Kid’ Reid Who’s Apparently Colin Kaepernick Impersonator

The skit reportedly featuring Kid from Kid N Play (left) as Colin Kaepernick alongside Jason Whitlock has yet to air. (@WhitlockJason/Twitter)

So it turns out it was reportedly Kid from Kid n Play portraying Colin Kaepernick and not a white guy.


However, Twitter users still felt fired up over the unaired “Speak For Yourself” gag featuring Christopher Reid.

Now, rather than criticizing the racism of it all, they’re just tearing into Kid! And of course, Jason Whitlock is included in the dragging.

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But not everyone believes Kid is the one under the afro.

Whitlock had already confirmed the light-skinned man in a Kaepernick jersey is Black. And on Tuesday, Sept. 6, Whitlock also seemed to affirm TMZ’s report that Kid is in the costume.

For the record, Kid, who is usually active on Twitter, has yet to weigh in on the controversy.

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