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Writer Makes Incredulous Discovery That Many White People Believe Black People Get Everything for Free

Ashley C. Ford also wrote an article about affirmative action in her Twitter thread. (Ashley C. Ford/Skillshare screenshot)

A flurry of tweets blew up this writer’s mentions when she shared her story of the incorrect assumptions she says white people have about affirmative action.

Ashley C. Ford, a senior features writer, tweeted Monday, Aug. 1, about the many white people who “truly and genuinely believe that Black people get to go to college for free.”

She said while teaching wilderness survival at a Boy Scout camp the summer before she went to college, a fellow counselor, who is white, told her he didn’t apply for college.

Ford explained that the counselors at the camp, where she had been the only Black counselor in recent memory, were surprised that she didn’t get to attend college for free. She added the counselors went to schools where there were little to no non-white students and they thought Black people got other things for free, too.

The thread, which was made the same day a report from The New York Times said Donald Trump’s administration is looking to block affirmative action from being used as a barometer for college admissions, had many others chiming in about their experiences.

Others affirmed Ford’s account.

A couple of people tweeted humorous responses.

Two users provided insight into why they believe the idea persists.

One man tried to poke holes in Ford’s account.

But many backed her up, not only regarding college admission but also government assistance.

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