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5 Problems With President Barack Obama’s Pitch for Free Community College

Free community college

It’s Not Solving the Real Issue

Many students coming from low-income households already qualify for the Pell Grant, which usually covers all major expenses associated with community college. For the students who don’t qualify for the Pell Grant, they are typically in a position where they can afford the lower tuition and fees that most community colleges boast. So in the grand scheme of things, some argue that low-income students wouldn’t really see much of a change in how much money they are paying for community college.

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2 thoughts on “5 Problems With President Barack Obama’s Pitch for Free Community College

  1. Did ABS take a hard turn right recently? You do know how far down the education scale black people are right? The balls of you to try and paint free community college as anything other than positive. Quoting statements from schools like Ohio State that pays its football coaches more than its administrators. Acting as if the the Pell Grant system is available for everyone. Flat out, college should be free. Education is not something that should be available for those that can pay. We spend billions on tax breaks for banks but noooo, teaching kids how to actually do shit is too much. Stop being such a fucking downer and stand behind progressive ideas.

  2. All you African-American men and women squawking about what Obama has done or not, get over it. Cause the people, families, and neighborhoods that are poor, drug infested, and crime and violence ridden have been that way for decades. And that's because the people have allowed their neighborhoods to be that way. They make the neighborhood like that. They litter, do graffiti, destroy property, disrespect the elders, dropout of school, break the law, create babies that they can't provide for, and create all kinds of problems for themselves, the community, and the whole society. Then they blame others for it. Fact: 95 percent of black men in jail are in there for the crimes that they have committed against other black people. So I don't feel sorry for them. And the reason so many blacks are unemployed is because of them. They walk into a place of business with their pants off their asses, hair uncombed, short skirts, tattoos showing, no interviewing skills, and very work experience. They bring nothing to the table and expect to eat bountifully. It doesn't work like that. Life doesn't work like that. They create problems for themselves. Now we as a black community need to be putting our time, energy, and other resources behind those who are already doing what they're supposed to do. Cause I will not waste one second on people who ain't doing nothing. Simple as that.

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