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Meek Mill Says Getting High Distracted Him from His Original Goal of Becoming a Multimillionaire, But Now He’s Sober and Back On Track

Getting high is now a no-go for rapper Meek Mill since he turned 30 and instead, he’s focusing on getting his money right, which was the real goal all along.

“I was on lean, I was on that s— Future be talkin’ [about],” Meek tells “Enbro In the Morning” Thursday, July 20. “I was on lean, doin’ [Percocet] and all that. I was like, gone a little bit. I don’t do none of that no more.”

The “Wins and Loses” record maker said he had aspirations of becoming a multi-millionaire and said being high every day made him realize the risk he was putting on his family, for whom he is financially responsible.

“I’m not a ‘Get high n—-‘ anyway,” he says. “I’m a hustler. Where I come from, if you [were] on pills and syrup and all that, you [were] a cornball, for real for real. But times change to where that became the cool thing. … [Now], we’re hustlers, we get money. And not saying ‘selling-drugs hustlers.’ We’re ‘level-up, step-by-step, come-from-the-bottom hustlers.'”

Meek also has been getting serious about making his finances secure for the long-term rather than burning through his money.

“I see that every day,” he says. “You get smoked and your family gotta pay for your funeral and it’s a wrap. This comes from the game, the street, how we [were] taught to just run through your money. I’ve been through that era, too.”

Now, Meek is refocusing on what brought him to the industry in the first place: music.

“It’s nice for [money] to be a situation,” he says. “But I like leveling up and the art of music. That’s what I came in doing. I love this.”

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