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Another Woman Says Usher Gave Her Herpes, Seeks $10M; Attorney Says More Women Are Coming Forward

Singer Usher has drawn derision and support after his herpes diagnosis became public due to lawsuits. (Wikimedia Commons)

Update 8/9/17: Usher now has a total of three plaintiffs accusing him of infecting them with herpes.

The singer allegedly failed to inform two women and a man that he had genital herpes before engaging in vaginal and oral sex with them, TMZ reported. The lawsuit seeks unspecified punitive damages and a judge’s order that Usher disclose his supposed herpes diagnosis. It claims the plaintiffs have mentally suffered, including having severe emotional distress, depression, anxiety, shame and repulsion.

One accuser, Quantasia Sharpton, held a press conference with high-profile attorney Lisa Bloom, saying she was plucked from a concert crowd and Usher later had sex with her.

Update: The woman at the center of a new lawsuit against Usher has increased her demand after learning she tested positive for herpes.

As a result, TMZ reported the anonymous woman, who was “devastated” after getting the results Saturday, is now seeking $20 million in punitive damages and $20 million for emotional harm and medical expenses.

Earlier: More trouble for Usher as another woman has hit him with a lawsuit claiming he infected her with herpes and, according to a high-powered attorney, even more accusations have come to light.

The “No Limit” singer made headlines last week when a stylist’s $1.1 million lawsuit alleged Usher knowingly infected her with herpes in 2009. On Friday, July 21, TMZ reported another unnamed woman slapped the performer with a $10 million suit after learning about the 2012 filing.

The woman alleged she had protected sex with Usher, who is married to Grace Miguel, at her Atlanta home on April 16, 2017, adding she also gave him oral sex beforehand. Nearly two weeks later, the pair reportedly had sex again in a New Orleans hotel room, only this time it was unprotected.

She claims she would not have had sex with Usher if she knew about his herpes simplex 2 diagnosis, which she learned about in July. The woman is worried about being exposed to the incurable but treatable disease and has now sued Usher for emotional distress, negligence and battery. The plaintiff is seeking a minimum of $10 million in damages and it could be the first in a potentially long line of lawsuits against Usher, who has not publicly addressed the filing.

Attorney Lisa Bloom tweeted July 22-23 that she has had three women reach out to her and she slammed the star for allegedly risking women’s heath.

Several people have sounded off on the lawsuits online.

However, some didn’t think Usher deserved all the blame.

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