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‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Contestant DeMario Jackson Says Corinne Olympios Was the ‘Aggressor’

DeMario Jackson says he wasn’t the one who got things going with fellow “Bachelor In Paradise” contestant Corinne Olympios and, as a Black man, he made sure that cameras followed him to capture the encounter.

“That night was probably the wildest night of my entire life,” Jackson tells E! News Monday, June 26. “We went for it.”

Jackson and Olympios’ alleged sexual encounter on Sunday, June 4, led two producers to speak up and Warner Bros. launched an investigation into the matter June 11. One week later, they concluded “the tape does not support any charge of misconduct by a cast member.

After Warner Bros. wrapped its investigation June 20, Olympios’ lawyer, Martin Singer, issued a statement to the press vowing to continue their own probe “based on multiple new witnesses coming forward revealing what they saw and heard.”

Jackson, who said the reports of his actions were “so nasty,” recalled meeting Olympios at the bar in Sayulita, Mexico, and bonding over them being the villains of the “Bachelor” franchise. After they drank a few beverages, he said things got “hot and heavy.”

“She hopped in my arms, we started making out at the bar,” Jackson says, before confirming that Olympios had her legs wrapped around him and that he was “down for it.”

Olympios, who declined to give a comment to People magazine on the matter, previously released a statement saying she has “little memory of that night.”

According to Jackson, she’s the one who requested they take things to the pool.

“It’s crazy because, one, you’re a man, mostly an African-American man, no matter where you’re at, you always look for things that can help you out,” Jackson says. “And, at that moment, I made sure that the cameras followed us. It just seemed too perfect in a sense for me. At that point, that’s when my spidey senses got up.”

Once they pair made it to the pool, Jackson said, there wasn’t anything “too sexual” going on yet beyond “kissing, rubbing, touching.”

“Things got wild because it was more of, like, her being the aggressor, which was sexy because you have, like, a very attractive girl who’s, like, telling you, like, what she wants,” Jackson says. He added that he got out and sat on the edge of the pool and Olympios put “her lady parts, like, right on my face.”

Jackson said Olympios didn’t seem drunk at that point, noting they had been naked from the moment they got in the pool. He said the next day, the cast, including Olympios, reminisced about how “wild” last night had gotten.

By Monday, June 5, a producer approached Jackson telling him, “It’s gonna be bad if you don’t leave tonight.”

The fallout, Jackson says, left his mother crying everyday.

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