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DeMario Jackson Is Still In the Sunken Place and No One Is Feeling Sorry for Him Anymore

After an alleged scandal with Corrine Olympios, “Bachelor In Paradise” contestant DeMario Jackson is apparently still a fan of white women, as he was seen out and about with two such ladies Wednesday.

Jackson was caught in a sexual misconduct probe on the set of the ABC reality show in Mexico and reports surrounding the incident with fellow contestant Olympios seemed to conflict. The pair each obtained lawyers and even though Warner Bros.’s investigation came up empty, Jackson said the situation has caused his family to suffer.

That didn’t stop him from linking up with two white women on June 28, however, where TMZ photographers captured him smiling from ear to ear. He remained silent when asked if he’d return to BIP, but folks haven’t been quiet about how they feel regarding Jackson’s new female companions.

Several likened him to O.J. Simpson.




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