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Steve Harvey Catches Heat for ‘Joke’ About Water Crisis In Response to Flint Caller Who Isn’t a Cavs Fan

Steve Harvey once lived in Ohio and is a huge Cleveland Cavaliers fan. (Endemol Shine North America/NBC Universal)

Cleveland megafan Steve Harvey took the low road — and a cheap shot — when a caller from Flint, Mich., said the team didn’t “deserve jack” after the Cavs lost the NBA Finals to the Golden State Warriors.

“You from Flint?” An Instagram user recounted Harvey saying to the caller on “The Steve Harvey Morning Show” June 14. “That’s why y’all ain’t even got clean water. When was the last time you touched water and it didn’t have lead in it?”

Harvey was referring to the city’s ongoing water issues stemming from the negligence of a state-appointed emergency manager who changed Flint’s water source in 2014. On Wednesday, five state officials were charged with manslaughter in connection to the issue.

In a video captured after Harvey made his statement, his co-hosts chide him for his remarks, telling him to apologize.

“I wasn’t talking about the city of Flint. I was talking about [the caller].” Harvey says. “He gone call in [and say] Cleveland don’t deserve jack and he over there bathing in all that silver water.”

The caller, who identifies himself as Dee from Flinttown, is still on the line as the conversation continues.

“One more thing,” Harvey says after thanking him for being on air. “Enjoy your nice brown glass of water.”

Co-host Shirley Strawberry quickly apologized on behalf of Harvey and the program — seemingly insincerely, considering she was laughing the entire time — but Twitter users, including Little Miss Flint, who appeared on Harvey’s daytime talk show, tore into the comedian.

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