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Rihanna Fans Call Out Apple VP for Appearing to Tell Her to ‘Sit Down’ at NBA Finals

Rihanna fans swiftly moved into action Thursday when an Apple executive appeared to command the singer to sit down.

The “Needed Me” singer was standing up to cheer on the Cleveland Cavaliers during Game 1 of the NBA Finals when Eddy Cue, Apple’s vice president, seemed to say, “Tell that b—- to sit down!”

The moment was captured on Twitter ahead of the Cavs’ 113-91 loss to the Golden State Warriors, of whom Cue is a fan.

In response, members of Rihanna’s fanbase, known as the Rihanna Navy, swooped in to express their anger and demand an apology from Cue.

Others defended the VP.

Cue tried to clean up the mess by saying he wasn’t referring to Rihanna but actually speaking to someone else.

But people weren’t buying it.

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